Take a look at our blog to see what we've been doing
Take a look at our blog to see what we've been doing

Take a look at our blog to see what we’ve been doing

3010, 2019

It’s true, time really does fly when you’re having fun……

......and just like that, November is here and Autumn is well and truly in the air! As the nights draw in and the mornings become crisp our workload shows no sign of retreat up to Christmas and beyond. It has been incredibly humbling over the last couple of months to hear from many local familiar faces and some brand new ones to book in their tree and hedge work requirements alongside new commercial customers coming on board. Not only has our customer base grown further, so has our work force. We've welcomed Nathan and India recently who between them have years of past experience and valuable knowledge. Nathan and India have been great additions to the AJB gang and have brought with them enthusiasm, drive and most importantly the skills we need to further succeed as a team. As usual, we continue to plough on with training, the priority being first aid [...]

1408, 2019

The Seal of Approval

We are delighted to have obtained our Buy with Confidence status with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) this week. Our Director, Adam, started the ball rolling with a member of the Council and handed over to our Operations Manager, Amy, to bring it over the line. We are incredibly grateful to our existing customers that the Council selected for references; they sang our praises (so we’re told)! The process had several steps, including the audit of quotes, invoices, health and safety paperwork and how we advertise. Once all the paperwork had been submitted Amy met with a member of the OCC to discuss various things, including how the business runs, who is responsible for which areas of the business and which parts of the UK we tend to work in most. We know from experience that word of mouth is an incredibly powerful tool but to have another accreditation under our belt will [...]

608, 2019

Big wheels keep on turning!

This week the AJB fleet has grown considerably in size with the arrival of our new Valtra tractor and high capacity trailer. The ‘new toy’ buzz has been reverberating around the yard and adds an extra element of excitement for everyone on the day to day job. Seeing the business develop to improve efficiency and costings is important for members of staff and our wide base of customers. As we begin to expand further the Directors of the business are keen to continue to take care of recycling and the environment as much as possible. The high capacity trailer can hold and transport up to 10 Transit loads of waste in one go, impressive hey! The time and energy it will save will be somewhat life changing for our teams but also reduces our impact on the environment. With the right tools we can reach the goals we’ve set for ourselves sooner [...]

1207, 2019

How much wood would a wood chipper chip if a wood chipper could chip wood?

The last month or so has proven to be incredibly busy for the AJB Team both on and off the tools. Toby, Tom and Harry have all successfully gained their NPTC tickets for L2 Award in the Safe Use of a Manually Fed Wood-chipper. CSCS  exams are creeping up and over the next couple of weeks hopefully Toby is going to gain his Aerial Rescue ticket and Tom his chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting ticket. We're pushing forwards with training and pulling together as the pace ramps up, which inevitably adds that extra bit of pressure and we thrive off it! Recent jobs have taken us into the heart of London, as far as Ipswich and as close as our front doorstep. We've had the occasional job which has been a little different to our 'usual' tree work, including the dismantle of a wooden bridge damaged by livestock, that was great [...]