The Seal of Approval

We are delighted to have obtained our Buy with Confidence status with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) this week. Our Director, Adam, started the ball rolling with a member of the Council and handed over to our Operations Manager, Amy, to bring it over the line. We are incredibly grateful to our existing customers that the Council selected for references; they sang our praises (so we’re told)! The process had several steps, including the audit of quotes, invoices, health and safety paperwork and how we advertise. Once all the paperwork had been submitted Amy met with a member of the OCC to discuss various things, including how the business runs, who is responsible for which areas of the business and which parts of the UK we tend to work in most. We know from experience that word of mouth is an incredibly powerful tool but to have another accreditation under our belt will widen our customer base and encourage more people to get in touch, we hope. The Buy with Confidence scheme is especially useful for those members of the public who may be vulnerable, elderly or who need that little extra confirmation that we are who we say we are and can and will complete the works requested, to the highest standard. A little reassurance can go a long way. We are also incredibly proud of our trainee tree surgeon, Toby, for completing and passing his aerial rescue course this week. The course is a total of 6 days and when Toby returned to work on Tuesday, as enthusiastic as ever, it was great for us to see and hear how much he’d enjoyed the course and getting to grips with the new skills. Training, as we’ve mentioned previously is hugely important and an ongoing task for all at AJB. Fellow trainee tree surgeon Tom is up next with his chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting course at the beginning of September. We hope he succeeds and enjoys the course as much as Toby has done with his aerial rescue. Please do keep talking and spreading the word about how we operate here at AJB Tree Care and as ever, we will be delighted to help. For now, back to trees….and hopefully the sunshine!

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